...et à la guitare : Jacques Rigaut

Dada Suicides, un groupe anglais dont le guitariste se nomme Jacques Rigaut, le batteur Jacques Vaché et le bassiste Kurt Schwitters...

"Jacques Rigaut - Guitar &Vocals

Jacques is jealous because his suicide was never as infamous as Jacques Vaché’s. What was the point? He did nothing in exactly the right way. After a wild life he exited this world with some style, yet no one actually joined the Suicide Agency (although its praises will be sung). As a spectator at Dada events in Paris he took nihilism to heart, and went through with what, in most cases, turned out to be idle threats. Before shooting himself he burnt his notebooks so no one could publish them posthumously. His resurrection is timely; Jacques finds the opportunity to express himself, and he joins the band to let the world know what he currently thinks."

La suite ici.

Merci à Jasper pour l'info.